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How to Treat Pinguecula?

Generally, pinguecula does not require special treatment because it can recover on its own. However, pinguecula treatment can be done when the eye feels very uncomfortable or vision is obstructed.

In order to deal with discomfort in the eyes, such as feeling like there is sand in the eye or irritation due to dry eyes, the doctor can give eye drops or eye ointment. Meanwhile, to relieve red or swollen eyes, the doctor will give corticosteroid eye drops.

If the growth of the pinguecula is disturbing the appearance, the bumps or spots that form can be removed by surgery. Surgical options can also be considered if the pinguecula has interfered with vision, or if it continues to cause inflammation and discomfort despite treatment.

If the pinguecula needs to be treated with surgery, the doctor can transplant a piece of normal tissue where the pinguecula starts. This is done to prevent lumps or spots from reappearing.

Pinguecula complications

In rare cases, the pinguecula can grow until it covers the cornea and interferes with vision. This condition is called a pterygium.

Pinguecula Prevention

Since the cause is unknown, pinguecula is difficult to prevent completely. However, the following things can be done to reduce the risk of pinguecula or prevent this condition from getting worse in people with pinguecula:

  • Wear sunglasses when outdoors to block ultraviolet A (UVA) and B (UVB) radiation, and protect your eyes from eye irritants, such as wind or dust.
  • Use synthetic tears to keep your eyes moist and to relieve dry, red, and sore eyes.
  • Use eye protection, especially when working with chemicals or cleaning dusty rooms.
  • Don’t smoke, because the nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes can make pinguecula symptoms worse.


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